I was asked to be one of the Fly Filmmakers for the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival.  Each year three narrative filmmakers are selected to have a short film entirely produced for them. The pluses were enormous. We were given 2,000 feet of 2 perf. 35mm film to shoot with as well as camera and lighting packages. We were gifted all professional post production services:  film development and transfer, color correction and sound design. All this, as any filmmaker knows, is incredible to have at your finger tips.  But we had to play by their rules. We had to be connected enough in the community to be able to pull together both cast and crew. The screenplay had to be written in one week. Three days to shoot. Five days to edit. We were obliged to use a specified location two out of three of our shooting days. And we had to chose our main character’s “profession” out of a hat. I chose SUPERHERO. My heart sank. When I heard superhero all I could think of was the over the top superhero movies. Not my thing. The next thing that came to mind was all the comic book super hero fanatics in the world, of which I was not one. My mind raced. Suddenly I remembered Jonathan Lethem frequently wrote about superheros in a unique and interesting way. With the clock ticking I wrote to him, hoping he’d be able to help me out.  The very next day he sent me The Epiphany, which I immediately fell in love with, but we still had hurtles to jump. Jonathan had based this story on a painting by Scott Alden and we would have to get his permission as well. In the end, it all came together, and with the stellar cast and top notch crew, the result was the short film “The Epiphany”.